IndiLine - Online Monitoring System for Indigo Coloration

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Becatron Switzerland have jointly developed a online monitoring system for indigo coloration.

The system, which is based on a new technology, detects, adjusts and documents data of critical process parameter online during indigo coloration, such as concentrations of dyestuff and reducing agents as well as pH values.

„Here, the technology leaders for indigo, for its use on dyeing plants as well as for automatization and analysis technologies have joined forces. The result of the development offers indigo users a further improvement of quality and RFT (right first time) rate. Therewith, it helps reducing costs and increasing competitiveness”, says Günther Widler, Head of Technology Denim at DyStar.

IndiLine Benefits

Cost effective, fast and reliable determination and control of the important dyeing bath parameters.

- Indigo Concentration
- Reducing Agent Concentration
- Alkalinity / pH-value
- Red-Ox Potential
- Temperature
- Electrolyte Concentration

All important parameters are analysed and monitored by a single device.
Can be adapted to new or existing dyeing ranges. Simple installation and easy maintenance.

No inaccuracy caused by contamination of the dyeing bath with sulphur dyes and highly accurate results even at very low hydrosulphite concentration.

Regular self calibration and self cleaning resulting in higher accuracy and much longer lifetime of sensors and electrodes as compared to auto-titration equipment.

Stable dyeing bath conditions due to high frequency of the measurements  (only 8 – 12 minutes per cycle) and accurate control resulting in a remarkable reduction of off shade and 2nd quality.

Monitoring and control dyeing bath preparation. Allowing dyeing machine operators and laboratory staff to focus on important duties and work.


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